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FAQ & Studio Policies



Q   Can I buy a CD of the images from my portrait session?

A   As our aim is to provide heirloom quality products, we do not sell digital image files from our portrait sessions.  By selling the finished product, we are able to ensure quality throughout the process, from image capture to personal delivery of your order.  During the shoot, we begin the color calibration process.  We continue to control the color and quality from this point forward.  Using calibrated monitors during the processing of your images allows us maintain this quality.  Finally, we use professional lab services to produce our final products.  These professional labs are able to consistently provide high quality, finished products that are worthy of being hung on your walls and being proudly displayed in your homes for years to come.



Q   I really love this family portrait that’s hanging on our wall, how can I post it on Facebook, to share with family and friends that live out of town?

A   We enjoy hearing that you love your image and want to share it with the world.  As a compromise, we are happy to provide a watermarked copy of any prints that are purchased as an 8x10, or larger, for you to use on any of your personal social media accounts.  We will continue to maintain copyright ownership of the images, but we are happy to help you share the images that you loved enough to make an investment in.



Q   I see that you provide digital files for the headshot services you provide, why not for other portraits?

A   Yes, we do provide digital files from these headshot services.  Headshots are different from portraits, as they are intended to help either represent or promote the individual, and they are likely to be used in a number of different formats (i.e. company website, press kits, actor portfolios, media inserts, programs) and for a variety of purposes.


Regardless of the final use, for all digital images, we kindly request (and technically specify in our signed agreements) that no digital manipulation be performed on these files (i.e. the application of filters, color adjustments) other than what may be necessary for printing purposes in the specific cases of a headshot.



Q   How do I book a session?

A   We’re thrilled you asked, and it’s actually quite simple.  Simply give us a call or send us an email to get things started.  The first thing we’ll do is have a conversation to allow us to get to know each other.  We’ll also figure out what date works best for you, and we’ll ask some questions about what you’d like to get out of your session.  In order to reserve your date and time, we do require the payment of the session fee at the time of booking.



Q   What’s a portrait session like?

A   Actually, they’re intended to be a couple of things all at once.  They should be fun, they should be creative, you should feel free to express yourself (or yourselves, in case it’s a family portrait).  We don’t judge here, we just try to have fun.  These things will contribute to letting you be relaxed and worry free, which all leads to helping us capture the true spirit and miracle of you.


A session may last up to about two hours.  Regardless of whether it’s on location, or within a studio environment, two hours is about the maximum anyone wants (or is willing) to have a camera lens pointed at them.



Q   What happens after my photo session?

A   The ball’s in our court after the photo session.  We’ll download and review the images, selecting the ones the best show off your spirit and/or your family.  We’ll narrow down the images to the ones that we think really did the job of capturing your spirit and personality (don’t worry, we leave the final selection up to you).  At this point, we’ll retouch one or two images and then we’ll have proofs printed up.


About a week or two after your photo session, we’ll sit down for the ordering session.  This is where we’ll present the proofs for you to review and order from.  We’ll also have some sample final products for you to look at, touch and admire - hopefully letting your imagination run wild with what your products will look like.  The one or two images that we retouched will provide you with an idea of what a final image will look like vs. what you’ll see with the proofs.



Q   What do you mean by “re-touch”?

A   Some people may refer to this as ‘“Photoshopping” or “post-processing”.  This is where we go through each image and remove stray hairs, blemishes and make adjustments to the image so that it best represents the real you (or your family).  Since we aim to provide an image that best represents the real you, we don’t generally do anything that, if it were done in the physical world, would constitute ‘plastic surgery’.  We leave that kind of stuff to the glamour magazines.  One of the philosophies we apply during re-touching: we leave anything that is permanent but remove non-lasting blemishes.  For example, if there's a pimple that won't be there in two weeks, we'll remove it from the image.  If there’s something you feel strongly about (whether to leave it in or remove it), please feel free to bring it to our attention.  Our goal is to make you, the client, happy.



Q   When will I get my order?

A   Depending on the sizes and quantities ordered, it generally takes a few weeks to get all of the final images retouched, ordered and delivered from the professional labs.  Some of our labs reside in other states, so shipping times for some items may be a little longer.  Once we’ve received all of the items in your order, we’ll review and inspect them before delivering them to you.  We want you to be happy with your order, so we aim to make sure it’s as best it can be before we deliver it to you.  Rarely, we’ve spotted a problem with a print and have had to had it reprinted.  It’s rare, but it does happen.



Q   What are the types of products you sell?

A   We sell numerous types of products, all of which are high quality and worthy of being proudly displayed in your home or office.  Most of our clients choose to purchase traditional prints and stretched canvases.  We also offer some unique items, such as glass or metal prints.  While easy to describe, they are difficult to appreciate unless you’ve seen, touched and held them.  We’ll bring along samples of these items for you to see and hold when we meet for your ordering session.





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